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St. Helena Catholic School considers instruction in the life and teachings of Jesus its educational mission. It is through Jesus that the church invites all students, staff and parents into communion with the Father, Son and Holy Spirit and into the mission of transforming all of life into God's kingdom. It is through education that the school prepares their students to hear, live and proclaim the good news of the Gospel. Our Catholic education sees all knowledge as sacred when human insight is combined with divine revelation in the pursuit of truth, goodness and beauty. St. Helena Catholic School educators are committed to professional excellence and spiritual growth in their Christian lives, witnessing to the Tradition and vision they share and respecting each learner as created by God with special gifts and needs and directing the learning process as guide and companion. The school calls parents, as the first educators of their children in knowledge and faith, to partnership in the mission of Catholic education by taking responsibility for their own life-long learning and supporting the education opportunities offered for their children. The entire Catholic community, especially the St. Helena Parish family, shares responsibility for providing the learning environment, the resources, the leadership, and the community of faith that supports the education mission of the school.

Serving the parishes of Lea County

St. Helena Catholic Church (Hobbs)

Our Lady of Guadalupe (Hobbs)

St. Thomas Aquinas Catholic Church (Lovington)

St. Cecilia Catholic Church (Jal)

St. Clare Catholic Church (Eunice)

All faiths respected and welcome!

Our Mission​

 To help each child

reach their full potential:

Spiritually, as a child of God;

Academically, as a scholar;

and Socially, as a servant leader.

Our Vision

To be the community's foremost leader in 

helping each child build a foundation for 

future success by providing unsurpassed 

academic excellence, instilling Christian values, 

and nurturing a servant's heart.


A child will not be successful in life unless they have a solid mastery of reading, writing, and mathematics. These are the building blocks which are later used to construct a child's skills in problem solving; individually, or in collaboration with others in school, or on the job. An education in a Catholic school prepares your child for later success both in school, as in life. Students who graduate from St. Helena Catholic school tend to obtain higher test scores and manage life situations with dignity, strength of character and fairness.


At St. Helena Catholic School, a Christian education is not something that begins and ends within the structured framework of a few hours a week. It is a long, vital reality that is instilled into our students throughout the day. An emphasis on religion and values in all aspects of school help create a safe environment and make a difference in the quality of education.

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